Girl Is a main character in Partially Awkward. She was born with a rare condition in which she was born with no mouth. There is no way to fix this and she kind of likes it that way. 


Girl has blonde, short hair in a side ponytail. She is frequently shown wearing a purple shirt. She used to wear a hat, but it was later stolen by Valarie (The hat is now Valarie's hat. she wears it a lot.). The only reason girl has her name is because no one knows her name so they all just call her "Girl".


Girl is very quiet (well, DUH!) and she spends lots of time drawing and gardening. She's one of the most peaceful charaters in the entire series. She's an animal lover and has a lot of pets. A lot of her pets are things that shouldn't even be pets.

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Dude and Girl don't know each other very well, but for some reason are frequently drawn standing next to each other.


Due to Valarie stealing Girl's hat, they don't like to talk to each other. But they consider themselves acquaintances.


Though it doesn't seem like it, Stick and Girl actually know each other very well. They like to draw and climb trees together. Like Dude, Stick is randomly drawn next to each other for no reason.

Trivia Edit

  • Girl has no mouth, but for some reason, she has not died of starvation.